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Top 5 Super Foods to Lower Cholesterol | A Women Park

Top 5 Super Foods to Lower Cholesterol | A Women Park

Super Foods to Lower Cholesterol: Regularity in cholesterol level is necessary for a good health. A maintained cholesterol level is helpful in preventing several defects including heart problems. Unfortunately, there are many foods that increase our cholesterol level. More consumption of such foods ultimately results in several diseases. However, there are many natural ways of treating and controlling the cholesterol level. This article is about such foods that are helpful in lowering the cholesterol (Super Foods to Lower Cholesterol).

Top 5 Super Foods to Lower Cholesterol

A maintained cholesterol level is necessary for good health. Following are some of the useful foods that you can use for lowering the cholesterol level.

Super Foods to Lower Cholesterol

1) Apples:

Apples contain all the essential vital nutrients. They are the perfect diet for our health. Food experts performed many experiments on apples that proved that they are helpful for our body in many ways. They contain fibres including the polyphenols that combine along with essential vitamins and minerals. These substances perform several functions in our body, e.g., they regulate the amount of sugar level, blood level and heart beat. The polyphenol fibre works as an anti-oxidants and is helpful in lowering the cholesterol level according to our body needs. Eat at least one apple daily to get the required amount of substances that are necessary for the regulation of cholesterol level.

2) Garlic:

Garlic is considered as one of the best cholesterol lowering foods. The allicin present in garlic tends to control the cholesterol level. Garlic can be used either with meals or supplements. Various supplements in the market are specially made for the lowering the cholesterol level from our body.

3) Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is proved to be helpful in reducing the cholesterol level.  It is a healthier and delicious way to lower down your cholesterol level without trouble. You can take dark chocolate directly as a bar, or use it with the milk. There are many other ways of utilizing dark chocolates. Many supplements made with dark chocolate are available at the market. You can choose on of your choice. The procyanidins that are parts of the proanthocyanidin (condensed tannin’s) group of flavonoids in dark chocolate are very efficient in lowering the cholesterol level. Organic or raw dark chocolate is also a good option in this regard.

4) Almonds:

Almonds are healthy nuts and are very helpful in lowering the cholesterol. Almonds contain unsaturated fats that are essential for a healthy HDL cholesterol. The unsaturated fats are also useful for regulation of the low-density lipoprotein. You can use a few ounces daily for the regulation of the cholesterol level

5) Olive Oil:

Olive Oil comes with antioxidants and monounsaturated fats that are great for our health. These substances are helpful in increasing good High-density lipoproteins HDL and lowering the bad Low-density lipoproteins cholesterol. Olive oil is an excellent source of phenolics that are essential in blood clotting. They likewise slow down the blood clotting. You can use olive oil daily with your meals. Use it regularly for a maintained cholesterol level and good health.

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