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Designer Banarsi Sarees Collection | Indian Banarasi Saree

Designer Banarsi Sarees Collection | Indian Banarasi Saree

Designer Banarsi Sarees: Designer banarsi saree is becoming women’s first choice and all around the globe from all social classes love to wear this fabulous attire. The trend is also increasing in Pakistan as well and ladies love to adopt this trend.

Designer Banarsi Saree Collection

Designer Banarsi Sarees Collection

Sarees is the dress with its origin in India, now it has been worn in certain other areas of the world including Pakistan. It has been worn in India, Bangladesh, Siri Lanka and other eastern countries as a casual wear and a formal wear in Pakistan. But few years ago the trend of this pretty style of sarees has increased a lot and has many modifications and variations in it. Designer banarsi sarees is the graceful outfit but it should be worn if it suits you because it is very important that you should carry it in an appropriate way. This particular style is a bit difficult to carry but looks very classy and elegant. There are so many styles and types of this particular form which are unique and beautiful in their own way. One of the most famous types of saree worn and loved by ladies all around the world is Banarsi Saree.

Banarasi Sarees

Designer banarsi saree is the special type of saree which is known as one of premium saree design across the nation. The most visible features of this dress are gold and silver work, zari work, net like patterns, jhallars and refined form of silk. It is very easy to recognize this outfit from these visible features especially the difference of silk fabric that is used to make it in a different way and the leave patterns in gold and silver colors around the borders. This traditional outfit is mostly worn by traditional jewels which give it more enhancements and a royal look just like the queen of Mughal emperor.

Banarasi Sarees Designs

Designer banarsisaree is getting popular day by day and women from various religions have started to demand these sarees. Women want to wear saree and enhance their personality. These sarees are also used as a bridal dress with complex designs woven into six yards of saree which can stun everyone who looks at this.

Designer Banarasi Saree Designs 2016-2017With all technologies, banarsi saree is still relying on hand weaving which makes them more special and gorgeous. In past the weaving is done by gold and silver threads and still the designer banarsisarees were weaved by zari work to make it as original as gold and silver thread work. The weavers used to get their ideas from betel nut leaf, emeralds, jasmine and marigold flowers.

Indian Banarasi Saree Collection

Designer Banarsi Sarees

Designer Banarsi Sarees-1

Designer Banarsi Sarees-1

Designer Banarsi Sarees-3

Designer Banarsi Sarees-4

Designer Banarsi Sarees-5

Designer Banarsi Sarees-6

Designer Banarsi Sarees-7

Designer Banarsi Sarees-8

Designer Banarsi Sarees-9

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